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Having real-time, accurate and reliable weather information at hand, in easily understandable format through intuitive user interfaces for all different usersat the airport, is a vital importance to cope with these weather related challenges.



Weather Radar

Wind shear alert system

Lightning detection

Tactical Meteo station (TACMET)

Runaway condition detection

Sounding systems and radiosondes


As a premium brands supplier of innovative environmental meteorological measurement and observation systems and services, we have been helping to predict the unpredictable for decades.


Our offering in air quality ranges from turnkey networks with network management to individual sensors and instruments for measuring gases and particulates, meteorological parameters and boundary layer height.

Supplementary air quality monitoring enables dense but cost-efficient measurement networks that increase the number of measurement points and improve the access to real-time air quality. Data is sent wireless to web-based interface improving the access to real-time air quality information.


Water resources assessmentis a necessity for development ofdomestic and industrial water supplies, maintenance of human health, irrigation, hydropower, flood and drought protection, and preservation of the environment.

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